Soulfire Sessions

Every abundant thing you want to hold your hand, to see with your own eyes, and feel in your heart can and will be yours. The guidance is there, and you are worthy of it. You can win.

Stand in your own power and speak your truth.

Start living your life more abundantly.

One-on-One Sessions

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, and Essence healer, creator of Soulfire, intuitive guide and warrior healer, I will show you from my experiences, teachings and guidance how to navigate life intentionally, create your life through energy and visualization and become the person you want to be

High-Vibe Healing

Whether you need full scale healing and spiritual guidance or boost to your vibration for a special event or just because, Soulfire is what you have been searching for. Unlock all the abundance, love, success, adventure, happiness, fame and healing that is available for you.

Aligned Guidance

Guidance that transforms you and your life, into what you have been longing for. Calling back your power, energy, and magic.

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Remote Soulfire Healing session.  Live on Zoom to anywhere you are.  Get ready for healing, transformation and guidance that will help you on the journey to enlightenment. 

Card Readings