Vibranium Amulet


This piece was handmade, polished and sealed.  It measures approx. 3″x2″ on an 18″ faux leather necklace.

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Labradorite reminds me of Vibranium from the move Black Panther.  I was very moved by this movie and envisioned myself making jewelry for the next movie.  Big dreams manifest into reality when we believe.  And I believe labradorite is Vibranium.  This piece was created to travel to Wakanadacon in Chicago with me and it has made it there and back.  This amulet has been infused with Soulfire.  To assist you in living your life more fulfilled.  Feeling supported and guided.  To not feel alone on this journey any longer. You are never alone and this piece will remind you of that by sending you the energy you need to stay confident and clear.

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Weight8 oz
Dimensions6 × 4 × 1 in


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