Eye on Life


This piece is approx. 2″x3″ on a faux leather necklace that measures 18″.

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I made this piece to take with me for Wakandacon in Chicago and had it hanging completely different than you see it now.  It changed when I started to photograph it I felt it needed to be turned.  And when I did I saw the magic that had happened.  Once again I had made an eye.  It seems I am doing this with my eyes completely closed.  That in itself is the magic.  The ancestors and the divine speaking through me.  Infused with Soulfire this piece will help you connect to the Source within you, feeling confident, clear and conscious so that you can step into your power and be the person you feel deep inside that you are.  Created with copper and labradorite, weaved by hand, polished and sealed.  Labradorite is the companion stone and will walk this journey into empowering yourself with you.  Helping you to feel guided and supported along the way.

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Dimensions6 × 4 × 1 in


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