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Who is Tracey

I come from a small city in North Carolina but always had big dreams of helping the world.  From art to mysticism I have always been intrigued by the stars, the universe and the magic I saw all around me.  7 years ago I quit my job, became a Reiki master teacher and began to search for my purpose.  5 years ago I moved to Florida and here I have blossomed and grown past my wildest dreams. 

I now make energetically infused wire jewelry, art and I guide those who seek freedom within their own minds to the door to their dreams.  With Reiki, alchemy, infused jewelry, crystals and more I work with the Universe to teach you to see the messages that will guide you to your path and your purpose.  Whether it’s jewelry or learning to use Reiki in your own life.  I will help you find your path to personal freedom, your power and strength and how to find the answers you seek. 

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